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JFK Moonshot is an epic re-creation of Apollo 11. Follow the mission in the app.

JFK Moonshot is an epic re-creation of Apollo 11. Follow the mission in the app.

Explore the surface of the moon, discover what made the Apollo 11 mission possible, and how you can relive it today.

JFK’s Bold Challenge To The Nation

May 25, 1961 | Washington D.C.

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Energized by the recent success of Alan Shepard’s Mercury flight, President Kennedy addressed a joint session of Congress to announce his dramatic and ambitious goal of putting a man on the moon before the end of the decade. He asked for an additional $531 million for the space program in 1962, and $7 to $9 billion over the next five years. After consulting with Vice President Johnson, NASA Administrator James Webb, and other officials, he concluded that landing an American on the moon would be a very challenging technological feat, but an area of space exploration in which the U.S. actually had a potential lead.

Congressional Speech Image

President John F. Kennedy Rice Speech


Welcome to Cape Canaveral

September 11, 1962 | Cape Canaveral, Florida

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President Kennedy continued his tour of NASA field installations with a stop at Cape Canaveral, a site that would eventually be named after him. He viewed the Saturn rocket launch site, still under construction at the time, where Apollo 11 would begin its mission and accomplish his ambitious goal several years later. After taking a closer look at Mercury spacecraft systems and equipment, he thanked NASA staff and emphasized the important role they played in winning the space race against the Soviet Union.

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The Saturn V Rocket


John F Kennedy Gallery


Share Your Saturn V



Rocket assembly Game

Build the Saturn V rocket in AR and learn about its different sections.

Rocket assembly Game image

Earth Launch Game

Complete a series of tasks to launch the Saturn V rocket.

Earth Launch Game image

Moonbound Game

Help the Apollo 11 crew detach from Saturn V and continue their journey aboard Columbia.

Moonbound Game image

Moon Landing Game

Test your piloting skills against other players and land the Lunar Module safely on the moon.

Moon Landing Game image

Moon Walk Game

Step into Neil Armstrong’s moon boots and experience his iconic walk for yourself.

Moon Walk Game image

Rendezvous Game

Help the Lunar Module rendezvous with Columbia to begin the journey home.

Rendezvous Game image

Download the JFK Moonshot App Today



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Download the JFK Moonshot app and launch a full scale, 360-foot augmented reality replica of the Saturn V rocket.

Play this game in the app now


Track the Journey picture

Download the JFK Moonshot app and track 100+ hours of the Apollo 11 journey in real time with archival NASA footage.

Play this game in the app now

Full Circle (Film)


JFK Moonshot- FAQ’s

Q: What is augmented reality?

A: Augmented reality, or AR, uses a phone or tablet’s camera to place digital objects in real-world environments. The digital object seamlessly integrates with the physical space around you so it feels like the AR object is actually there, even though it isn’t.

Q: How do I make an AR model appear?

A: Use your phone or tablet to scan the area in front of you. Flat open surfaces work best and white surfaces may cause the model to drift. Pinch to resize the AR model to your liking and double tap to place it. Tap “Reset AR” to make any changes to the size and positioning of the model after placement.

Q: The AR model isn’t appearing right away. What should I do?

A: If you’re scanning the area in front of you and the AR model isn’t appearing, try scanning a flat open surface with plenty of light. Textured surfaces like carpet or grass work well. Low-light environments or uneven and cluttered surfaces can make it difficult for the camera to place the AR model. Make sure you’re not covering up the camera when placing.

Q: The AR model sometimes drifts after I place it. Why is that?

A: Certain surfaces, especially white or shiny surfaces, may causes the AR model to drift. If this occurs, tap “Reset AR” and try scanning a textured, non-white area for better results. Make sure you’re not covering up the camera when interacting with the AR model.

Q: Why are some of the app features locked?

A: JFK Moonshot lets you relive the Apollo 11 mission 50 years later. Every moment and milestone unfolds at the exact time it occurred in the original mission, starting with the launch on July 16 at 9:32 a.m. EST and ending with the moon landing on July 20 at 4:17 p.m. EST. Certain features will unlock as the mission progresses and all features will be unlocked after the moon landing on July 20.

Q: How do I launch the full scale, 363-foot AR rocket?

A: Visit the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum at Columbia Point in Boston, MA. Follow the signs to find a marker, open the JFK Moonshot app, and scan any marker with your phone or tablet to make the AR rocket appear. Tap the launch button to initiate launch sequence on or after July 16 at 9:32 a.m. EST– exactly 50 years after the original launch.

Q: How do I explore JFK and Apollo 11 content in TRACK?

A: Once the AR model is placed, tap and hold the circular rocket icon within the timeline at the bottom of your screen. Move the rocket icon along the mission timeline to make popups appear in AR space. Tap mission popups to explore archival NASA images and videos. Tap JFK popups to learn about JFK’s critical role in the moon landing. You can also explore all TRACK content within LOG in the main menu. Note: From July 16 to July 20, TRACK content will unlock according to the time it occurred in the original mission.

Q: I’m having a tough time completing some of the games. What am I missing?

A: AR models that are sized too big or too small will make the games more difficult. Make sure you pinch to resize the AR model to your liking before double tapping to place. If you’re having a tough time completing a game due to size, tap the close button in the top right corner, reopen the game and resize the AR object for optimal playability. Be sure to read the on screen instructions for each game to understand the objective before starting.

Q: How do I share my favorite moments of the mission?

A: In LAUNCH and TRACK, you can tap the camera icon to capture a screenshot or tap and hold to record a video. Once complete, a message will appear asking you if you want to share. Tap the message to open your device’s sharing features, where you can text, email, share on social media or save to your camera roll. You can also tap the share icon on all Apollo 11 and JFK content to open your device’s sharing features.

Q: What should I do if the app isn’t functioning correctly?

A: If you encounter any issues when interacting with the app, try quitting and reopening for optimal performance.

Q: Why can’t I download the app on my device?

A: JFK Moonshot is compatible with the following devices:

  • Apple iPhone 6s and higher with iOS 12 installed
  • Apple iPad Pro 12.9", iPad (2017) and higher with iOS 12 installed
  • Android: Samsung Galaxy S8, Sony Xperia XZ, Google Pixel 2 XL and higher with Android 7.x, 8.x, or 9.x installed
  • Android Tablet: Galaxy Tab S3 9.7" and higher

For any other device, be aware that you must have a compatible device that has ARCore (for Android) and ARKit (for iOS). Minimum iOS device that has ARKit is iPhone 6s. For Android, here's the full list of supported devices:



50 years ago, JFK’s vision was brought to life when we landed on the moon. Now, we’re going back with an augmented reality experience that takes you along for the ride. Launch a full scale, 363-foot Saturn V rocket, track 100+ hours of the journey, play AR games that put you in the astronauts’ moon boots, and learn how JFK helped make it all possible.

Made possible by:

JFK Library Foundation and JFK Presidential Library and Museum

The John F. Kennedy Library Foundation is a 501©(3), non-profit organization founded in 1984 to provide financial support, staffing, and creative resources for the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, a presidential library administered by the National Archives and Records Administration. The Kennedy Presidential Library and the Kennedy Library Foundation seek to promote, through educational and community programs, a greater appreciation and understanding of American politics, history, and culture, the process of governing and the importance of public service.


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  • Michael Collins interview footage courtesy of Collins interview footage courtesy of
  • Some photos and videos courtesy of David Woods, editor Apollo Flight Journal, and Stephen Slater


  • Douglas Brinkley, Professor of History at Rice University
  • William P. Barry, NASA Chief Historian
  • Maryrose Grossman, Archivist at National Archives and Records Administration

For further information about the programs and services of the John F Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum please go to

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